Serving the Community We Love

I believe in giving back to the community and supporting young people who are working to fulfill their dreams and goals.

I’ve been offered so much support as I’ve worked toward my goals, and want to act as a mentor to offer the same to others.

We're Proud Sponsors

  • Children’s Hospital
  • Cranberry Community Days
  • Cranberry Cup
  • Cranberry Deck Hockey
  • Cranberry Pool Opening
  • CTAA Baseball
  • Girls on the Run
  • Girl Scouts
  • Halloween Candy Buyback
  • Jackson’s Toy Drive
  • Local Schools' Athletic & Arts Programs
  • March for Mars
  • Mars Applefest
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch
  • Team Smiles
  • School Presentations
  • Wildcat's Hockey
  • YMCA

As a woman, I believe I have a unique opportunity to serve as a mentor to young women in my practice and in the community. I hope to encourage girls to have confidence in themselves, embrace their unique appearances, and grow their talents to achieve their goals.

I plan to support all young people in the community by providing shadowing opportunities, office scholarships, and an office full of role models encouraging young people in their pursuits.

I feel blessed to live and work in this community, and I’m completely invested in the area. I want to be part of my patients’ lives, and part of that is supporting the community I’m practicing.

I hope to contribute to this incredible area by creating smiling faces, as well as supporting the academics, careers, and extracurricular activities of my patients.