How Can Orthodontics Fix Your Bite?

Orthodontics is what you need if your bite isn’t its best. Have you ever wondered if your bite is off? You’re not alone. Many folks in Cranberry Township face bite problems that affect how their smile looks. At Rhoads Orthodontics, Dr. Rhoads specializes in rejuvenating smiles and correcting bite issues. You deserve a bite that’s comfortable and one that compliments your face. Teeth are important members of that equation. But they aren’t the only ones. Here are a few things to understand about how orthodontics can repair your smile. 

Understanding Your Bite

A bite problem, or malocclusion, occurs when your upper and lower teeth don’t fit together like they should. Common types of “bad bites” include:

  • Overbite: where your top teeth reach too far over your bottom teeth 
  • Underbite: your lower teeth protrude beyond your upper ones
  • Crossbite: where some upper teeth sit inside your lower teeth when your mouth is shut
  • Open bite: where front teeth don’t touch even when you fully close your mouth

Ignoring your bite problems can cause them to become worse than mere cosmetic concerns. Bad bites can make chewing difficult and cause speech impediments. Moreover, they can elevate your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, jaw pain, and headaches.

How Orthodontics Can Help

Orthodontic treatments are pivotal in correcting bite problems. Intervention from professionals like Dr. Rhoads helps realign your teeth correctly for a functional and aesthetically pleasing smile. Whether you’re dealing with an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite, the right orthodontic approach can transform your smile and significantly improve your oral health. If you came into our office, here’s what your treatment process might involve. Remember that no two patients’ bites are exactly the same. So, your treatment plan might look very different from your neighbor’s. 

Diagnosis and Personalized Treatment Plans

The first step towards a corrected bite is a thorough diagnosis. Our Rhoads Orthodontics team uses cutting-edge imaging and diagnostic tools to get a clear picture of your bite problem. Dr. Rhoads takes the time to understand your concerns and goals. Then, we combine this insight with detailed diagnostic data to create a personalized treatment plan for you. We intend your treatment plan to help harmonize your bite and smile. The side effects? Enhanced oral health and a swell of confidence. We explore all options so your treatment fits your lifestyle and dental needs.


Braces have long been a cornerstone of orthodontic treatment. They remain a reliable solution for correcting your bite issues. Traditional metal braces, while effective, are complemented by clear braces if you’re seeking a more subtle option. Dr. Rhoads plans the placement of each bracket and the tension of the wires to ease your teeth into their new locations slowly. Our process corrects bite problems and improves your smile’s overall function and appearance. It makes daily oral hygiene easier and prevents long-term dental issues.


Invisalign represents the forefront of hidden orthodontic treatment. It provides you with a superior solution for correcting bite issues without the visual impact of traditional braces. These clear, custom-fitted aligners are just about invisible. That way, you can undergo treatment without most people noticing. Dr. Rhoads will map out your entire treatment plan. The initial positioning of your teeth and the final desired outcome. All using advanced 3D technology. You’ll wear each set of aligners for roughly two weeks before moving on to the next in the series, gradually shifting your teeth into place. Invisalign aligners are easy to use and removable. They make eating, brushing, and flossing easier. 

Other Appliances

Sometimes, achieving your ideal bite requires more than braces or aligners. Dr. Rhoads might recommend appliances like palatal expanders, retainers, or space maintainers. These might be necessary to deal with your specific issues. Palatal expanders, for example, can widen your upper jaw to correct a crossbite. Retainers are essential for maintaining the long-term results of your orthodontic treatment. Dr. Rhoads’ expertise in utilizing these tools ensures that every aspect of your bite problem is addressed.

How Can Orthodontics Fix Your Bite?

The Treatment Process

Your orthodontic treatment plan at Rhoads Orthodontics starts with your first visit. From there, Dr. Rhoads and our team will be able to learn more about you. Knowing more about your needs helps us design a treatment plan for your particular goals. 

Initial Consultation

Your path to a better bite begins with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Rhoads. This session is crucial for understanding your dental history, concerns, and desired outcomes. Advanced diagnostic tools help us assess your bite and oral structure. Your diagnosis provides the foundation for a tailored treatment plan.

Customized Treatment Journey

Based on your initial assessment, Dr. Rhoads establishes a personalized treatment plan that outlines each step of your process. Will your treatment involve traditional braces, clear braces, clear aligners, or additional appliances? No matter what, you’ll receive detailed information on what to expect.

Duration and Expectations

Your orthodontic treatment timeline can vary depending on how complex your bite issues are and the specific methods we use. Dr. Rhoads will provide an estimated treatment duration to help you set realistic expectations. Regular follow-up appointments will allow our team to adjust and monitor your progress.

How Can Orthodontics Fix Your Bite?

Why Choose Rhoads Orthodontics for Bite Correction

Choosing Rhoads Orthodontics in Cranberry Township for your bite correction means entrusting your smile to the expert care of Dr. Rhoads and our incomparable team. We combine state-of-the-art technology with a deep commitment to personalized care. Each patient in our office receives a treatment plan customized to their particular needs. Orthodontic treatment with us will fix your bite—but we’ve seen treatment do much more than that. Go here to schedule your free consultation.